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CEO, MSCH Home Brands | Carol Russo

CEO, MSCH Home Brands | Carol Russo

Ms. Russo, having grown up in challenging circumstances, has spent her life with a determination to succeed in both her career and private life. With a spirit of believing in oneself, the tutorial of a few astounding mentors, the attitude of learning from everyday situations, Ms. Russo’s entrepreneurial journey has been both exciting and successful.

Ms. Russo grew up in Hartford, CT after graduating from Southern CT State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Special Education and Psychology with a minor in speech pathology. She then spent the next four years in North Carolina, where she worked on her master’s degree while teaching special education in an inner-city setting. From there, Ms. Russo relocated to California, where she met Henry Kraus, the most influential person in her life. Under Mr. Kraus’s mentorship, Ms. Russo assisted in opening Electropedic Adjustable stores throughout the U.S. Eventually, Ms. Russo took over an existing store in Los Angeles, making it the #1 store in the Electropedic chain.

With a passion for innovation and entrepreneurialism, it wasn’t long before Ms. Russo made the transition to owning her own business and designing furniture, forming partnerships with local builders. Soon after having her own children, Ms. Russo saw the need for a healthy, sustainable product in the children’s sector. Designing furniture that’s both functional, safe, and free of toxins became her passion. For the last 30 years throughout her career, Ms. Russo has mentored individuals as a way of giving back, sharing the knowledge many have shared with her, understanding our future is in the hands of our next generation of entrepreneurs.

Residing in San Juan Capistrano, CA, Ms. Russo is living her best life surrounded by people she loves while she continues to do the work that has changed the kids’ furniture industry forever.