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CMO | Nicole King

CMO | Nicole King

Nicole brings a wealth of experience in sales leadership, marketing, and strategic business consulting. Nicole started her career in the wine and spirits industry, where she consistently set new standards for innovation, creative problem-solving, and out-of-the-box thinking. Especially in stagnant markets, Nicole’s approach drove remarkable growth.

What sets Nicole apart is her commitment to client education. Nicole thrives on empowering clients with knowledge, ensuring well-informed decisions. But Nicole doesn’t stop there—she consistently provides more than what is expected. It’s not just about meeting goals; it’s about exceeding them. When clients partner with MSCH, they receive personalized attention, strategic insights, and unwavering dedication.

Nicole firmly believes that growth is essential—without it, we stagnate. And advertising? It’s the heartbeat of visibility.

Keep an eye out for Nicole’s insights in Kathy Ireland’s forthcoming book, Strength, where she emphasizes the importance of alignment