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CTO | Daniel Ellis

CTO | Daniel Ellis

Born in Ethiopia, Daniel's unique journey is marked by a blend of rich cultural experiences and a steadfast commitment to innovative thinking. His educational background in economics from Oakland University, fortified by his service in the Michigan Air National Guard, set the stage for his remarkable contributions to the auto industry at Toyota. There, his role extended beyond purchasing operations; he was entrusted with the stewardship of, spearheading webapps development and pioneering internal and external technology solutions, including an ERP migration. In addition, he consulted small and minority-owned businesses to develop into sustainable suppliers.

Daniel's visionary approach during Toyota's shift to a mobility enterprise paved the way for his leadership in technology and innovation. His pursuit of a Master's in International Relations in Panama and his subsequent consulting venture underscored the global business acumen that MSCH values.

In 2020, Daniel's path led him to Aloha Laundry Life (ALL), where, as CTO and then CEO, his team developed the first virtual laundromat. This innovative platform is revolutionizing the laundry service industry, shifting gig workers to micro-entrepreneurship via a decentralized marketplace —a perfect parallel to MSCH’s vision of fostering growth and self-reliance among small businesses.

With a career spanning various industries and roles, Daniel Ellis has consistently demonstrated his passion for positive change and innovation. He is a true licensing enthusiast with a unique talent for implementing technology solutions that enable companies to expand, gain traction, and build ecosystems where entrepreneurs can flourish.