MSC Holdings

Huntley Andrews~~ Executive Vice President

Jason Sampson~~  Board Member

Jason T. Sampson is a highly accomplished sales and operations professional. He has an extensive track record of success, particularly in his work with Tesla. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Clemson University, and Master of Science in Health Psychology from Walden University, Jason brings a unique perspective to the sales process. He started from the ground up with Tesla, helping to grow the company to where it is now by planning and implementing operations through collaboration. He has also been recognized for his achievements, delivering 100% of available inventory for 4 straight quarters as operations manager. Most notably, he opened and maintained the longest Tesla pop-up location in history, which drove millions of dollars in sales. His skills as a leader are evident in his ability to achieve results and success for businesses. But Jason doesn't just stop at work. He is also focused on helping individuals grow and succeed in their careers. He often coaches them in their current field or prepares them for their next adventure. Jason also values family- he’s been married to his wife Joveth for 14 years, they have two daughters Jolie and Emily, as well as two poodle mixes. In his spare time, Jason enjoys Sunday walks and traveling to new places alongside his family.