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Secretary | John Bellave

Secretary | John Bellave

John demonstrates his passion to improve lives by empowering entrepreneurs with innovative products, rewarding business opportunities and a vehicle to achieve success on many levels. John’s experience and vision will allow for future expansion into some of the strongest markets in the United States.

John has assembled a seasoned and passionate leadership team that has the entrepreneur’s best interest in mind. John realizes that long-term success is directly related to the success of its team. He has surrounded himself with a team of veteran leaders and visionary thinkers poised to take the company to the top of the industry. An ambitious goal no doubt, but one that the entire team shares and will pursue with unbridled passion, while honoring the company’s values and goals with absolute integrity.

John’s entrepreneurial spirit and leadership helps drive the company’s vision. A dynamic speaker, he is well respected in the relationship marketing industry and is considered by many, to be one of the most effective trainers and motivators in the industry.

John stated “I see a major shift coming in the US from the corporate hourly jobs to a sustainable home base business which complements our ability to offer someone a solid, low overhead highly profitable home business that suits any initial investment level.”.